(Home Emergency Tips) Electrical Switch Box, Water Main Switch and Towngas Switch

Understand where is the main electrical switch box, water switch and towngas switch for emergency situation


Please try to look for or ask landlord where is the main electrical switch box, water switch and towngas switch, if there was emergency, need to turn some of them off immediately to protect yourself in the apartment

The main electrical switch box looks like this:

Normally located in kitchen or near the main entrance

Just switch the main switch off in case of any emergency:

Water switch normally looks like this:

Sometimes it situates outside the apartment (in the corridor), sometimes it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, in the cabinet. May need to switch it off immediately when there is any unexpected situation like water tap broken etc

Towngas switch is with the meter normally, normally in the kitchen.

For any emergency and urgent situation, just call 999, or seek quick help from the management desk, or landlord (if tenants)

For other emergency situations:

Water Department: 28245000 (24 Hrs)

CLP (Kowloon and NT electricity co.) Emergency Hotline: 27288333 (24 Hrs)

Towngas: 28806988 (24 Hrs)


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