HK Rental Price is Dropping

Bring customers to hunt some 3 bedrooms apartments today, they are living in 2 bedrooms apartment now and finding some 3 bedrooms apartments to move, I didn’t realise that the HK rental price is dropping until now. They are living in a 2 bedrooms at HKD 12k while there is one 3-bedrooms apartment at 12.9k today! a 3-Bedroom apartment is asking for a 2-bedroom price! Of cause it’s a small 3-bedroom but it’s a proper one.

When comparing to crazy period in summer which is few months ago, the ask prices at the moment are becoming more realistic, back to the market and more availabilities to select now. (Normally few months ago in summer there are only like 1 or 2 apartments to fit in particular requirements but now there are like 5 normally we can visit anytime with keys)

The 3-Bedrooms apartment involved today which is asking for 2-Bedroom Price:

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