Laundry Shop in Kowloon, HK

Laundry Shop is convenient and not expensive in HK, suggest to use that, they will wash, dry and fold them well then return to the customers, from my experience, single person clothing for a week cost around just HKD 50! They could return you fastest after 3 hours or safest the next day 🙂

Classic Laundry Shop looks like this in HK:


  1. Prepare all the clothes need to wash in a big bag.
  2. Bring them to the laundry shop
  3. Cost will be based on the weight of the dirty clothes, put dirty clothes bag in an electronic weight.
  4. The shop staff will calculate the amount based on the weight
  5. Settle all the fee quote by the staff
  6. Get the receipt
  7. You will need the receipt to collect the washed clothes back, don’t lose it otherwise its very very hard to find the clothes back.

Suggested Laundry Shop in Kowloon (Mongkok / Prince Edward / Tai Kok Tsui)

Mongkok (Near Yuen Yuan Mansion)

潤華洗衣公司 (Shop Banner doesn’t come with English), Address: No.1 Fife Street, Mongkok

Mongkok (Near Kwong Yu Building)

Wah Mei Dry Cleaning & Laundry Company, Address: No. 995 Canton Road, Mongkok

Prince Edward (Near Cheung Fung Mansion)

Sam Yi Laundry, Address: No.146A, Tai Nam Street, Prince Edward

Tai Kok Tsui (Near Chung Yuen Building)

Bonnie Laundry Co. , Address: No. 17 Man On Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Tel: 34837248

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